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Ella Rose Marquardt | Birth

Jeremy and Julie Marquardt of Fults announce the birth of their daughter, Ella Rose. She was born March 29, 2013, at 3:43 a.m., at St....

Bella Rose & Brooke Lynn Bradley | Births

Tom and Stacy Petraitis Bradley of Waterloo announce the birth of their twin daughters, Bella Rose Bradley and Brooke Lynn Bradley. The girls were born...

St. Elizabeth’s Hospital Birth | 4/24/13

April 16, 2013 Alison and Chuck Schumacher of Millstadt, a girl // //

Memorial Hospital Birth | 4/24/13

April 18, 2013 Hillary and Jacob Patterson of Smithton, a girl // //

Memorial Hospital Births | 4/10/13

April 4, 2013 Janel Whitworth and Michael Hendrick of Smithton, a boy Nicole Arnold and Marvin Vogt III of New Athens, a boy // //

St. Elizabeth’s Hospital Births | 4/3/13

St. Elizabeth's Hospital, Belleville March 25, 2013 Michelle and Daniel Kuergeleis of Waterloo, a girl March 27, 2013 Brittany Marquardt of New Athens, a boy

Memorial Hospital Births | 4/3/13

Memorial Hospital, Belleville March 24, 2013 Sandra Bustamante and Tyler Morgan of Columbia, a girl March 25, 2013 Melissa Ford and Dennis Richardson of Dupo, a boy Jessica Wagner...

Memorial Hospital Births | 3/27/13

Memorial Hospital, Belleville March 17, 2013 Elizabeth Blanford and David Kilzer of New Athens, a girl March 19, 2013 Emily and Joseph Agles of Smithton, a girl March 20, 2013 Kendra...

Memorial Hospital Births | 3/20/13

Memorial Hospital, Belleville March 11, 2013 Jamie and Scott Beaston of Smithton, a boy March 15, 2013 Denise Range of Dupo, a boy

St. Elizabeth’s Hospital Births | 3/13/13

March 4, 2013 Michelle Kent and Ricky Niemeyer Jr. of Red Bud, a girl

Memorial Hospital Births | 3/13/13

March 6, 2013 Renee and Dean Deterding of New Athens, a girl Christy and James Hennessey of Columbia, a boy March 9, 2013 Leslie and Michael Jacobus of...

Memorial Hospital Births | 2/27/13

Feb. 17 Jennifer and Jason Poston of New Athens, a girl Feb. 18 Courtney and Matthew Harper of Waterloo, a boy Kimberly and Adam Mehring of Red Bud,...
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