Assessments up overall


The Monroe County 2019 property assessments have been out for three weeks now, and the Republic-Times has heard from several readers that their property taxes have increased. 

Monroe County Assessor Carl Wuertz said, on average, that is the case across the county. 

“Overall, if I take last year’s Board of Review levels and this year’s supervisor of assessment levels, it looks like about a 4-5 percent increase,” Wuertz said. “I know that I’ve got some farmland assessments that have gone up 40 percent and some residential that have gone up 40 percent.” 

Wuertz’s office completed approximately 19,500 assessment notices this year, which is on par with last year. 

Assessments are based on median property sales recorded in Monroe County over a three-year period. They estimate the worth of a piece of property. 

For 2019’s assessments, Wuertz used sales reports from 2016-2018, whereas last year he used sales reports from 2015-2017. 

“It’s very possible that there were some new 2018 sales that would come along where our assessment is very low compared to purchase price, which causes that neighborhood code to increase quite a bit,” Wuertz said. 

Wuertz further explained that the assessments depend on neighborhood classification stratification, in addition to the last three years of sales. 

That contributes to discrepancies in assessment increases. 

“That’s why some residents go up 40 percent and some go up 2 percent,” Wuertz noted. “It just depends on neighborhood classification versus the prior three-year sales study for that neighborhood class.” 

Residents have 30 days from when the assessments were published Feb. 26 to lodge formal complaints with the Board of Review about their property assessments. 

Wuertz said his office has received an average number of complaints so far, though it seems he is having more one-on-one meetings with individuals about their assessments. 

The deadline to file an appeal is March 27. The deadline has not been extended due to COVID-19, but the courthouse is currently closed to the public.

Anyone can access records and file an appeal online by visiting the Monroe County Assessor’s Office website. While in-person meetings are no longer available, those with questions may call the office with any questions at 939-8681, ext. 211.

Once the appeals process is completed, the Illinois Department of Revenue establishes a tentative and then a final multiplier, which is a factor applied to taxes to balance new rates across adjoining counties. 

After the state finishes that, the assessments move to the office of Monroe County Clerk Jonathan McLean, where tax rates for individual tax districts are determined. 

Once bills are calculated, they are printed and mailed by the treasurer’s office. 

To contact the assessor’s office, call 939-8681, ext. 211.  

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