Assessments out now


The Monroe County Assessor’s Office has released 2018 property assessments.

The full assessment list is in this issue of the Republic-Times

Monroe County Assessor Carl Wuertz said 2018 assessments remain steady from last year. 

“On average, they’re pretty flat,” Wuertz said. 

“Based on the sales studies that I’ve done, it just required a little flatness,” he added. “I would say all of the newer construction homes are probably going to see an increase, but other than that, all the older construction homes are pretty flat.”

The 2017 assessments, released June 27 of last year, were up about 3 percent on average. 

The assessor’s office printed almost 19,500 assessment notices this year, up slightly from the approximately 19,399 last year. 

Assessments are based on median property sales recorded in Monroe County over a three-year period. They estimate the worth of a piece of property. 

Citizens now have 30 days to lodge formal complaints with the Board of Review about their property assessments.

Once this appeals process is completed, the Illinois Department of Revenue establishes a tentative and then a final multiplier, which is a factor applied to taxes to balance rates across adjoining counties.

After the state finishes that, the assessments move to the office of Monroe County Clerk Jonathan McLean, where tax rates for individual tax districts are determined.

Once tax bills are calculated, they are printed and mailed by the treasurer’s office.

Last year, there was much consternation about the assessments being out late, with the deadline for the final installment being last Wednesday.

Wuertz said his office was able to get the assessments out so much earlier this year “with the help of two new office personnel.”

Much of the concern regarding the delayed assessments centered on the school districts.

The Waterloo school district had to borrow money to make ends meet, while the Columbia and Valmeyer school districts lost money by not being able to invest funds like it normally would.

Since the assessments are out so much earlier, that should not be an issue this year.

“It certainly is going to give our schools an opportunity to budget for those funds in the timely manner in which they’re used to,” Regional Superintendent of Schools Kelton Davis said. “And they don’t have to make accommodations for late revenues coming.”

To contact the assessor’s office, call 939-8681, ext. 211.

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