7 Good Reasons Why You Should Be Fishing Right Now

Finally, it’s that time of year again. The waters are warming up, and the boats are out in full force. Whether your ideal fishing trip is to one of the big, amazing lakes we have in the United States, a pond on a friend’s farm, or even a fly fishing adventure in Alaska, going fishing with your family and/or friends is one of the greatest, most beneficial past-times we have. Baseball and apple pie has nothing on a good day of fishing.

There are actually some serious health and social benefits one can reap from spending a day on the water. Doctors have even prescribed fishing as a legitimate tool to relieve stress in some people. It’s cheap, it’s easy, and it’s a ton of fun – so why not?

Below is a list of 7 convincing reasons why you should start planning your next fishing trip today. I think you’ll be impressed and agree.

Take a digital break. Let’s face it, folks, we ALL need to take a break from the digital world. We need to unplug, completely, and leave our electronic thoughts behind. Fishing gives you a great reason to do that, because no one should be out on the water yapping on a cell phone – at least, don’t let the old-timers catch you doing that. Give yourself the opportunity to break free of digital chains and enjoy this world for what it really is.

It’s easy! When inviting people out for fishing, I’ve often heard things like, “but it’s too complicated with all the rods and reel thingys and stuff.” That is absolutely not true! Fishing is one of the simplest, most basic concepts. You need a pole, a line on it, and a hook with something that you feel will attract a fish on the end of it. Get my point? You can make it as basic or complex as you want – at the end of the day, your simple rod and reel will catch the same fish that the professional catches with all his/her gadgets!

Fishing relieves stress. Yes, it’s true! More than one study has shown that fishing can be a legitimate way to relieve everyday stress. This can decrease your cortisol levels and other harmful substances in your body that lead to obesity and bad overall health.

It’s cheap family entertainment. Fishing is something I grew up doing with my family because it was super fun, super cheap and could fill an entire weekend with something to do. It’s a fraction of the cost of going to the movies or other expensive, not-so-fulfilling forms of entertainment.

It’s free food! Depending on where you fish and what the rules are…did you forget that you can actually eat what you catch? I’m more of a catch/release guy, but sometimes I’ll set out to catch what I can, invite a few friends to help clean them, and have a freezer full of fresh fish for the year….for pennies on the dollar!

The thrill of the catch. I don’t care how old you are, or what you’ve done in your life. Few experiences can match that of landing a fish on the end of your line, and bringing it in to your net. Even small fishes can give you a confidence boost that is unmatched. It’s just so much fun!

The ultimate bonding sport. Heading out for a fishing trip with your buddies, or family, can give you an amazingly peaceful, open time to bond and get to know each other better. You will literally make memories that will last a lifetime. So cherish your fishing trips, as you’ll talk about them forever.

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