10 Fun Ways to Get Your Body Moving Again

Look, being sedentary is a terrible lifestyle that many of us are on the verge of living if we don’t act fast and do something about it. In this digital day and age, it’s extremely easy to kick back with your favorite piece of technology and turn into one of those creatures you see in the movies that is just a head with a brain, slurping up slime and watching a screen. Doesn’t it feel like that, sometimes?

It’s 2014 – we know the benefits of keeping our body in motion. The human body wasn’t designed to sit still. Our unbelievably complex bodies were built to move, with purpose and precision. We are capable of doing so much, that it’s quite unfortunate to see such a rise in the obesity epidemic, especially in the U.S.

So, in an effort to help get you moving again, we decided to hunt down 10 fun…yes, the key word here is FUN, ways to get that heart pumping and the joints lubricated. Sometimes it’s a matter of finding something that interest you. People will tell you, β€œgo for a walk” – but maybe you think taking a walk is lame? That’s ok! Perhaps an idea from the list below will help spark your imagination.

10 exciting ways to put your body in motion

Bike riding. Go to the store and buy or rent a mountain bike. Then head out to one of the thousands of bike trails around the country, and have at it! This form of exercise is absolutely amazing for your body and it’s tons of fun.

Shopping. Yes, ladies, plan a power shopping day. Plan to hit lots of stores, and don’t pig out on an unhealthy lunch. Mall walking has helped tens of thousands of people lose thousands of tons of weight, and it’s fun to boot.

Yoga. This is an excellent way to better health and to keep your body stretched and ready. Yoga classes should be mandatory, especially for men. Give yourself an excuse to sign up!

Swim like a fish! You don’t have to know how to swim like Michael Phelps to enjoy the pool/lake/ocean – just jump in there and start paddling like a dog! You’ll laugh, burn calories and your body will thank you.

Ride a horse. Yes, we just said that – ride a horse. Surprisingly, horseback riding is a great workout, keeps the body moving, and did we mention that you’re riding HORSE? How cool is that? Hop online and look for local ranches in your area, many of which will offer horseback riding classes for reasonable prices. This could turn into a lifelong family hobby.

Take a hike. Literally, go for a hike. Hikes are a blast – and an awesome family activity as well. Oh, and cheap! Take a camera with you and make memories while you’re at it.

Dance class. Have you ever wanted to learn how to Polka? I know I have. Visit Groupon or other coupon sites and look for special offers for dance classes in your area, they’re always on there. Dancing is a phenomenal way to keep moving, and you’ll learn something cool in the process.

Martial arts. Okay – so dancing isn’t your thing, but I bet a really fun martial arts class could be! There are so many interesting styles to learn, like Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Muay Thai kickboxing to name a couple. It’s a great time, fantastic camaraderie and you’ll learn an important skill.

Video games. WHAT, video games, you say? Yes, but with a huge exception! Only ones that make you move. There is a huge popularity surge in the active/fit video games because they’re a load of fun for everyone, and you better be ready to SWEAT, because many of them can be intense workouts!


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