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Woman finds long-lost family

By on June 20, 2018 at 3:50 pm

Dennis Lurvey and Janet Kruz

Eight days after Mother’s Day, Phoenix, Ariz., resident Dennis Lurvey posted a tribute to his mother on Facebook.

It is something he has done for years, but this time he got an interesting response.

“Did she have a baby in 1951?” Waterloo resident Janet Kruz asked in a comment. 

“No, I was her last in 1949,” Lurvey replied. “Her name was Marie Evelyn. She graduated college with a degree in nursing when she was 56.”

Kruz, owner of Kruz Kennel Services, then dropped a bombshell: she was Lurvey’s sister. Her mother had given her up for adoption shortly after giving birth to her.

“Surprise!” she said after disclosing their relationship.

That revelation marked the climax of a journey Kruz has been on for half her life.

“I’ve been walking around with this big, stupid grin on my face for about three weeks,” Kruz said. “To find my roots and find family and find out why the way I am because a lot of it’s genetic is great…>>>

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James Moss