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Will Uber come to county?

By on February 7, 2018 at 12:38 pm

The community is no longer taking a backseat when it comes to providing public transportation to area residents, with Uber being its main target.

Dozens of local stakeholders have banded together with the notion that Uber must include Monroe County. Among the Uber advocates, Mary Beard of Waterloo has gone full throttle in seeking support of her petition to the company.

“Primarily, it is the drinking and driving combo that hurts so many,” Beard disclosed to the Republic-Times.

In agreement with Beard, the Monroe County Coalition for Drug-Free Communities first brought forth the idea at its January meeting.

“I can’t imagine a drawback to doing something like this because it’s responsible,” said coalition vice chairperson Vicki Koerber, who also serves as a commissioner on the Monroe County Board.

Uber spokesperson Molly Spaeth said the ride-sharing service currently has no specific timeline for launching in the county.

“As ride-sharing continues to grow, we strive to provide reliable and affordable transportation options and economic opportunities in markets around the world, and our team is constantly evaluating how we can best serve riders and drivers in every community,” she said.

The global transportation company currently serves much of southwestern Illinois and all of St. Louis. For a map of the St. Louis service area, go to uber.com/cities/st-louis.

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