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What’s happening to area trees?

By on October 11, 2017 at 12:31 pm

Bob Jones points to a dying tree on the courtyard next to the Monroe-Randolph Regional Office of Education in Waterloo. (Sean McGowan photo)

Bob Jones enjoys taking the occasional scenic route through the bluffs on the way back to his home in Waterloo from St. Louis.

There, the 86-year-old can admire the beauty of the significant forestry on either side of the road connecting Columbia to Valmeyer, as he has for years. But this year has been different due to weather and other circumstances.

“Everywhere you go, you see the trees are (in decline). Evergreen, Spruce, Pine, Oak — it doesn’t matter,” he said.

The pattern of leaves changing colors and falling from these trees may appear to follow the natural order that comes with the changing of the season. But for a good number of these trees, their leaves began dropping before the autumnal equinox.

Jones said he believes this phenomenon means many area trees are starting to die.

“You can see them. First they turn white, then yellowish, then as it goes, it turns brown,” he said. “You can see them up in town driving up and down streets.

“All over you can see them. It’s like people dying. You miss them. It happens so fast…>>>

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