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Valmeyer student thankful for Lions donation

By on September 27, 2017 at 1:52 pm

Pictured, Valmeyer Elementary student Jordan Schilling enjoys his new BrailleNote Touch that he received as a Valmeyer Lions Club donation. (Sean McGowan photo)

Valmeyer Elementary student Jordan Schilling faces an obstacle preventing him from doing many of the activities his classmates take for granted.

For a while, the visually impaired 11-year-old didn’t even have a personal computer for homework. Enter the Valmeyer Lions Club.

Determined to help Jordan succeed, Valmeyer Elementary principal Teena Riechmann reached out to the club to request a donation of $3,995 for a BrailleNote Touch. Such a device allows Jordan to type in braille and access his Google account and the internet.

“This device would play a huge role in his success as he continues his education,” Riechmann said in her letter to the Valmeyer Lions.

The Lions responded by purchasing an even higher quality computer in the amount of $5,495. Now, Jordan can enjoy the many useful features of a BrailleNote Touch in the classroom and at home.

“He can use this into his college years, so why would we get him a 16-gig when we could get him a 32-gig that lasts much longer?,” said Michael Young, Lions Regional Eye Care administrator.

Jordan worked with his vision teacher, Tara Hollinstead, last Friday at school at the end of the day. Hollinstead explained that the braille changes on the keyboard to show what application he is using. The teacher can also see what he is doing on the screen in print.

“What do you want to say to the (Valmeyer Lions Club) for the computer?” she asked him.

“Thank you,” he responded.

Jordan didn’t have many words to describe his gratitude, but his intense focus on school work speaks volumes…>>>

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