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The long wait for tax bills is over

By on December 5, 2018 at 1:11 pm

After several months of delays, the property tax bills for Monroe County are in the mail.

They should arrive in mailboxes later this week, though they were delayed once more by post offices being closed to honor the death of former President George H.W. Bush on Wednesday. 

The county is collecting $58,480,180.22 this year. That represents a 4.53 percent increase from last year’s $55,945,193.

Monroe County Treasurer Kevin Koenigstein said that increase, like many others in the county, are because taxing bodies are requesting more funds. 

“Everybody’s asking for more money,” he explained. “Schools have increased a small percentage, but it all adds up to another (approximately) $2.5 million.”

It is also important to note Monroe County was issued a multiplier of 1.0180 by the state.

Depending on where individuals live, the real estate taxes help fund local schools, roads, fire departments, municipal responsibilities, the operations of the county itself and more.

This year, the county is getting $7,159,019.11 of the property taxes. That is a 1.53 percent increase from the $7,050,797 it received last year. 

Monroe County’s current total tax rate is .84236 percent. Last year it was .79102 percent. 

The overall tax rates in Waterloo, Columbia, Valmeyer, Hecker, Maeystown and Fults were slightly down…>>> 

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James Moss