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‘The Flood’ takes stage in NYC, back home

By on September 12, 2018 at 11:55 am

Pictured, the cast of “The Flood,” including 36 local singers, rehearses the play at TheTimesCenter in New York. (submitted photo)

Members of Monroe Actors Stage Company had the idea in March to put on a second production of “The Flood.” 

The play was created by Peter Mills and Cara Reichel after visiting Valmeyer following the Flood of 1993. It is based on the experience of Valmeyer being destroyed and relocating to higher ground. 

This year marked the 25th anniversary of the flood and the 2007 production was so successful that MASC had to add two extra shows, so the group thought it might be a good idea.

The plan was solidified when MASC contacted Mills and Reichel and the duo decided to stage a choral presentation of the play in New York City.

But MASC did not just add it to their schedule. Some went to The Big Apple to perform  the show with such professionals as Ben Fankhauser and Simone Zamore. 

Monroe County Clerk Dennis Knobloch was among the group of 36 local performers who went to New York City as part of the Monroe County Arts Alliance. 

“It was just a incredible experience for all of us to be able to work with the professionals out there,” said Knobloch, who plays one of the townsfolk in the upcoming local production. “We were awestruck with the talent of the folks we were able to share the stage with.”

Knobloch said the experience also had its difficult moments…>>>  

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James Moss