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Retiring SPPCS teacher has fond memories

By on May 30, 2018 at 11:33 am

Judy Haberl

After more than four decades of educating children at Ss. Peter & Paul Catholic School in Waterloo, retired teacher Judy Haberl can reflect back on a meaningful and prosperous career.

“I’ve always enjoyed getting to know the children. They have so much energy, they just gave me energy just looking at them,” Haberl said.

Forty-four years ago, Haberl graduated from Southern Illinois University Edwardsville and found a teaching job at SPPCS. She knew on her first day that she had found her home.

“I started work at 20 right out of college,” she recalled. “I got married on a Friday and started the following Monday. I had an offer at a public school as well at the time. 

“But I just knew I was a teacher meant to talk about God … I’ve never regretted my decision.”

Since then, Haberl has greatly impacted the school and the community through her creativity and compassion. One example of this is the SPPCS fifth grade rummage sale she started 34 years ago.

“I wanted to do a service project,” she said. “And during Catholic Schools Week, we were discussing the topic of children starving…>>>

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