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Mouth-watering barbecue comes to Red Bud

By on March 30, 2017 at 12:54 pm

Donna and Terry Reinhardt opened their new barbecue restaurant The Burnt End in Red Bud in early March. (Sean McGowan photo)

With a background in competitive cooking, Donna and Terry Reinhardt whipped up a recipe for a successful barbecue joint called The Burnt End in Red Bud.

The Reinhardts opened in early March at 101 E. Market Street to a crowd of wide-eyed barbecue enthusiasts with their mouths watering. In anticipation, friends and family had been asking the Red Bud couple for months when they would unveil their competitive eats to the public.

“People kept asking us and asking us when we were going to open. Finally, we put a pig sign up and said, ‘If the sign is lit, we’re open,’” Donna said.

The constant pleading from the community turned out to be a good indicator for how much success the restaurant would pool. When asked how business has been, Donna responded with one word: “Crazy…>>>

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Sean McGowan

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