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‘Mighty Quinn’ races to first win

By on June 13, 2018 at 2:59 pm

Quinn “The Mighty Quinn” Ahrens won her first race May 6 in Joliet, Illinois as part of the Ignite Challenge series. (photo courtesy of Mark Schwigen)

Quinn Ahrens got her first win of the 2018 Ignite Challenge go-kart racing series last month in Joliet. 

The May 6 victory puts her in second place in this year’s series in her age division. 

“It was my best time ever racing,” Quinn said, a grin that showcased her missing two front teeth lighting up her face.

The 7-year-old known as “The Mighty Quinn” is the daughter of Waterloo residents Patrick and Tracey Ahrens, and has been racing go-karts since she was 5. She has competed in approximately 20 races, getting mainly second and third place finishes, often by default. 

Most races see only three or four racers, but five competed in the race Quinn triumphed. She is the only girl in her age division and was the only girl competing in the race she won.

Quinn’s first victory was also moving for her father. 

“It was pretty emotional,” Patrick, who also owns full throttle screen printing in Waterloo, said. “There’s a ton of time that goes into it. We practice once or twice a week for hours. To actually see it pay off was pretty cool, pretty awesome…>>> 

Quinn clutches her first place trophy as her father, Patrick Ahrens, smiles. (photo courtesy of Mark Schwigen)


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