Longtime deputy retires


For the second time in a month, a fixture of the Monroe County Sheriff’s Department has retired. 

This time, the retiree is Under Sheriff Dan Hannon, who has worked at the MCSD for more than 32 years. 

“It’s been an honor and privilege to be able to serve with the finest men and women in law enforcement, be it patrol, telecommunications, corrections, as well as firefighter and EMS, over the last 35 years,” Hannon said over the police radio when he signed off for the final time Thursday. “Please be safe. Take care of each other. And remember, we are (what) separates good from evil. God bless you all.”

Hannon got his start in law enforcement in 1983 when he worked as a patrol officer with the Columbia Police Department. 

He was hired by former Monroe County Sheriff Dan Kelley to work patrol for the sheriff’s department. Hannon was sworn in on Aug. 18, 1986  by Judge Dennis Jacobsen.

He said he made the transition to be able to serve a larger area. 

“There was a lot more room,” Hannon explained. “With the city, you had 45 miles of roads. With the county you’ve got 600 miles of roads that you can get out and move around in. There’s more activity.”

He said there was a marked difference between the two coverage areas…>>> 

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