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Lieferbräu Brewery ready to live up to its name

By on June 27, 2018 at 1:42 pm

Seven years ago, Kris Liefer was working at a winery when he discovered a passion for brewing.

“He was really intrigued by the process of making the wine and the process of making alcohol,” Kris’ brother Kirk Liefer said. “They actually bought him a brew kit because they knew he liked working there and making wine. That kind of sparked his interest in the process. From that point on he started messing around at home and making some brew. We knew when he started making beer that he had a talent and was pretty good.”

Now, Kris and his family are turning his passion into a business at Lieferbräu Brewery, a bar owned by members of the Liefer family that is opening this weekend in Red Bud. 

Kirk and his wife Stephanie,  Kent and Karen Liefer, Kara and Ray Wagner and Kris and Danielle Liefer are partners in the restaurant. Kris will also serve as head brewer.

 Kirk, Kent, Kara and Kris are siblings.

The family’s name was fortuitous for the naming the brewery. In German, Liefer means “to deliver” and bräu means “beer.” 

The family first started thinking about opening a brewery four years ago as Kris’ interest in brewing took off…>>>

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James Moss