JR Photography


I have had a passion for portrait photography since I was 17. I started by working for another photographer and then had the opportunity for my own business in 1997.

Photography comes from the heart and if a person is that compassionate about something they should get to follow their DREAM!

I am blessed to do just that.

My style is fun, and relaxing, I may even do a funny dance to make you laugh…… Fair warning!

I! enjoy photographing children, families, weddings and animals. If the moment needs to be cherished…..I photograph it! I eat, sleep and breath photography. I absolutely LOVE what I do. I have the best job in the world!

JR Photography’s mission statement:

It is our wish to provide quality, friendly, professional photography services

Jennifer Rosenkranz
JR Photography

JR Photography was the winner of the Republic-Times Best Photography Studio of 2013 people’s choice awards.

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