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Jones questions county priorities

By on September 26, 2018 at 12:33 pm

Democratic Monroe County Clerk candidate Jason Jones

Democratic candidate for Monroe County Clerk Jason Jones Sr. recently questioned the priorities of county government following regular budget hearings.

Jones, who is running against Republican Jonathan McLean for the position to be vacated by retiring clerk Dennis Knobloch, posted a message on Facebook criticizing Monroe County Assessor Carl Wuertz, State’s Attorney Chris Hitzemann and Sheriff Neal Rohlfing. 

All are Republican officeholders.

Jones said local school districts will suffer financial consequences because Wuertz has not completed property tax assessments in a timely manner. He also criticized Hitzemann’s and Rohlfing’s offices for asking for more money given this situation. 

“Increasing budgets for overwhelmed first-time public officials who can’t keep up with the pace of their jobs is not a priority I want my elected officials to pursue,” Jones wrote in a press release. “More money for law enforcement while the schools sound the warning bells on bankruptcy is not a priority for Monroe County. Trying to downplay the incompetence of the assessor and how that impacts every aspect of what the county does is not a priority I want my elected officials to pursue.”

Regional Superintendent of Schools Kelton Davis, whose budget hearing last week sparked Jones’ criticism, said he talked to two of the three local school districts about their finances.

Davis said those districts will most likely need to cash out investments or get loans in the forms of tax anticipation warrants by January to pay some bills, such as payroll. 

“They’re not bankrupt,” Davis said of the districts. “They’re out of cash. You can’t freely transfer from all funds or even loan from all funds…>>>

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James Moss