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HSS, local officials plan to reduce recidivism

By on July 18, 2018 at 2:46 pm

Local stakeholders gathered last week to participate in training as part of a grant received by Human Support Services earlier this year. (submitted photo)

Members of Human Support Services and local officials gathered last week for a community strategic planning for crisis and crime prevention response.

Nineteen people attended the workshop, including HSS staff, representatives from the Monroe County Sheriff’s Department, law enforcement officers from nearby municipalities and EMS personnel. 

These stakeholders met as part of the training and support initiative the National Council for Behavioral Health awarded to HSS earlier this year. 

“It’s a 12-month initiative and really what it looks at is local community behavioral health organizations and county jails,” Ayla Colella, project director at the National Council, said. “We look for what we can do and what kind of support we can provide so there is better collaboration across the board for improved mental health outcomes and addiction outcomes for those leaving incarceration and reentering the community.”

HSS, in collaboration with the MCSD was one of only three nonprofits nationwide chosen to participate in this initiative, which is called the Criminal Justice and Behavioral Health Collaborative.

“This collaboration is an outstanding opportunity for Monroe County to make great strides forward in addressing mental health and substance abuse disorders in our justice system,” HSS Executive Director Anne King said when the initiative was announced in April. “We want to address these issues the second the individuals come into the jail, and hopefully start the rehabilitation process much sooner so we can stop the cycle of recidivism…>>>

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James Moss