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Gibault grad finds success in acting

By on April 4, 2018 at 12:33 pm

Hannahh Lundy Connell

Gibault Catholic High School alumna Hannah (Lundy) Connell may not have the level of fame that Michael Weatherly or Ellie Kemper are enjoying.

 But the 25-year-old Bloomfield, N.J., actor has assumed a number of roles in her well-rounded career.

“It’s certainly helped me pay the bills,” she said of the dozens of acting jobs she has taken over the years. “I enjoy being on set.” 

Most recently, Connell, a Columbia native, was fortunate enough to serve as an extra on CBS’ “Bull,” a drama centered around Dr. Jason Bull (played by Weatherly), the founder of a trial consulting firm. Connell was featured on the show as potential juror Megan Palowski.

In the episode, titled “Gag Order,” Dr. Bull helps a journalism professor caught stealing trade secrets from a dating app developer. Connell appears as Palowski when the court works on putting together a jury for the trial.

Palowski, who was involved in the dating app developer’s dating network, is removed from consideration because it was believed she couldn’t serve as an objective juror. Connell said her character meets her husband using the dating app.

When they pull up Palowski’s husband’s dating profile on screen, Connell said they use her actual husband, Eddy. Connell said she did not have any lines in the episode…>>>

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