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Columbia School Board race has 2 slates

By on March 6, 2019 at 3:29 pm

The eight remaining candidates vying for four spots on the Columbia School Board are divided into two camps. 

Each of these factions is asking residents to vote for a ticket of candidates to fill the seats. 

One slate, supported by a group called CUSD 4 Parents to Elect Ted Schrader, Scott Middelkamp, Phil Taylor, and Tyson Search, is asking citizens to vote for those candidates. 

Schrader and Middelkamp are incumbents. 

The other group is called Citizens for Columbia 2019. It is asking people to vote for Cress Morr, Greg Meyer, Tammy Hines and Lisa Schumacher. 

Hines is an incumbent. 

Jeremy Donald had previously planned to run for school board, but he withdrew from the race in January…>>>

Read more in the March 6, 2019, issue.

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James Moss