Columbia School Board debates special ed program

Pictured are CHS ROTC members and CHS nurse Erin Westfall, who were recognized for their help in a March car accident involving a student on school grounds. (Alan Dooley photo)

The Columbia School Board on Thursday discussed whether or not to continue special education services through the Perandoe School District or looking into operating the district’s own program.

Superintendent Gina Segobiano expanded on the discussion item during a Tuesday phone call.

“If this were to happen, the district would be responsible for the services that Perandoe provides,” she said. “That will be a decision that’s coming up soon on whether or not we’re going to locally operate our special education program or continue our membership with Perandoe.”

Perandoe Special Education District, an alternative program for special education students to develop positive and appropriate living skills, was established in 1969 in a joint agreement cooperative serving the communities of Monroe and Randolph counties in Illinois. The name “Perandoe” was derived from the name of the three counties that the cooperative was initially going to serve: Perry, Randolph, and Monroe.

The board also released two para-professionals, Sara McGinthy and Karen Proctor, due to enrollment uncertainties.

“They probably will be hired back, but there are timelines we have to adhere by,” Segobiano said.

The board also approved a long list of board polices in order to follow recent state mandates.

Before the meeting, school board members honored student achievements during an assembly in the Parkview gym:

•Matt Berra and Sean McCarty were recognized for filling in with technology services when the district was shorthanded.

•ROTC members Zach Rawlings, Brandon Brown, Jon Armington, Charles Moore, Devin Ahlemeyer, Ryan Probst, David Boxell, Thomas Hagan, Nick Kirkpatrick and Jacob Hurst, along with CHS nurse Erin Westfall, were recognized for assisting with a car accident that took place in March involving an eighth grader being struck by a car driven by a CHS student in the school parking lot.

•20 Illinois State Scholars were recognized for their grades and dedication.

•Cameron Touchette and Spencer Jerome were recognized for their state bowling accomplishments.

•Sadie Shelton was recognized as President of the Beta Club.

•Brendan Schaper and Joe Harrell were recognized as Student Council co-presidents.

•Emily Harrison was recognized as president of the school’s National Honor Society.

•Liz Klein was recognized as FFA president.

•Cole Crissup was recognized as MVP of the Platinum Chef Challenge 2014.

The board also recognized athletic director Joe Iorio for being named the Illinois Athletic Directors Association Class 3A-4A Division Athletic Director of the Year.

The next meeting will take place at 7 p.m. May 15 at Parkview Elementary’s Board Room.


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