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Changes to high school equivalency

By on January 10, 2018 at 11:59 am

Monroe-Randolph Regional Superintendent Kelton Davis is skeptical of the proposed state alternatives for earning a high school equivalency certificate.

According to the State Journal-Register, the Illinois Community College Board plans to roll out changes in the fall to help those a few credits short of graduating high school. This could mean putting them through a credit recovery program or allowing them to pass a community college course.

“My concern is it’s the traditional classroom in a K-12 environment that has not been successful,” Davis said. “What will be different with college coursework? I’m unclear who we’re targeting and what the anticipated outcome is.”

The State Journal-Register reports the changes are due to the fact Illinois has seen a significant decline in the number of people taking the GED in the last four years. The reasons for the decline include that the test has become more rigorous, moved to an online format and become more expensive.

Davis said neither the rigor of the test nor the move to online have not affected scores coming out of his office. He did, however, concede that the increase in price may have initially discouraged some people from taking the test.

“We had fought — when it was paper and pencil, the ROE had fought for years to keep (the cost of) that testing down,” Davis agreed. “We were barking when they wanted to have it up from $30.

“When Pearson — the only contractor in the state — went electronic, and the state required the test be electronic, the price shot up. Which is an argument to say it should be cheaper because you’re not proctoring it with people.”

Davis said he believes this has led to people second guessing whether the investment will be worthwhile…>>>

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