Bound by blood: Family uses experience to help others

Pictured, from left, are, Gabe, Ariel, Brian and Carly Magee. Gabe and Ariel have a factor X deficiency, meaning their blood does not clot. (submitted photo)

A Waterloo family is using their difficult experiences to help others in similar situations. 

The Magee family is doing that through speaking and serving with two national organizations for hemophilia, The National Hemophilia Foundation and the  Hemophilia Federation Association.

“I have felt very privileged to help represent the rare bleeding disorder community at such a high level,” said Carlisa “Carly” Magee, the mother of the family. “It is awesome to be able to advocate for my children and help forge a platform for the rare bleeding disorders for the future.”

The family, led in this effort by Carly, can speak on this because both Magee children have a bleeding disorder. 

Gabe, now 21, was diagnosed with a bleeding disorder within 18 hours of his birth, after he experienced substantial bleeding problems. 

Then, when he was only five weeks old, Gabe, suffered a stroke that caused bleeding into his brain, causing brain damage. 

Gabe’s younger sister, Ariel, was also diagnosed with a bleeding disorder, but she was born via C-section to prevent any complications. 

Both Magee children have factor X deficiency, meaning their blood cannot clot.

“Any kind of outward bleeding is probably a little bit better because you can put pressure…>>>

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