April 9, 2013 Election Results


Below are the results of the April 9, 2013 area municipal election broken down by city or village. For additional results, click here. These are the results from Tuesday’s races, with late absentee ballots still to be tabulated before they are final. To read more on the election and to hear from winning candidates, pick up a copy of this week’s edition of the Republic-Times — out Wednesday. Or subscribe online today!

City of Columbia

For Mayor:

Kevin B. Hutchinson- 57.95%
Brad D. Oberkfell- 42.05%

For City Clerk:

Ron Colyer- 52.16%
Shirley A. Bergmann- 47.84%

For City Treasurer:

Robert W. Naumann- 100%

Columbia CUSD 4:

Ronald Langhans- 25.66%
Karen Anderson- 24.30%
Gregory J. O’Connor- 23.24%
Brad Roessler- 26.80%

City of Columbia, Ward 1:

James H Agne- 100%

City of Columbia, Ward 2:

Mark Roessler- 100%

City of Columbia, Ward 3:

Eugene J. Ebersohl- 100%

City of Columbia, Ward 4:

Mary Ellen Niemietz- 69.66%
Daniel B. Voelkel- 30.34%

City of Columbia, Ward 4 (Unexpired 2-year term):

Steven R. Holtkamp- 100%


City of Waterloo

Waterloo CUSD 5:

Thomas R. Schrieber- 12.57%
Gary Most- 15.89%
Steve Wheat- 21.56%
Dwight D. Boehm- 16.92%
Kevin Wheat- 15.23%
John Caupert- 17.82%

City of Waterloo, Ward 1:

Russell J. Thomas- 100%

City of Waterloo, Ward 2:

Rita Trantham- 100%

City of Waterloo, Ward 3:

Gerald A. Frederick Jr.- 100%

City of Waterloo, Ward 4:

Vicki J. Koerber- 100%

Waterloo Park District (To serve a full 4-year term):

Tony C. Jacobs- 29.61%
Joann Harlin- 34.12%
Kenneth J. Niemann- 36.27%

Waterloo Park District (Unexpired 2-year term):

Shelby Mathes Sr.- 100%


Village of Fults


William J. Sutter
Merrill W. Prange
Jefferey Williams


Village of Hecker

Village President:

Charles W. Kujawski- 100%

Village Clerk:

Annette Schreder- 100%

Village Trustee:

James Mueth- 32.48%
Arnold Eckart- 35.90%
Trisha Maddox- 31.62%


Village of Maeystown

Village Trustee:

Carla B. Coats- 45.83%
Michelle Doerr- 54.17%


Village of Valmeyer

Village President:

Howard K. Heavner- 100%

Village Trustee:

Roy Unterseh- 33.90%
Eugenia “Jean” Langsdorf- 33.05%
James A. Pflasterer- 33.05%

Valmeyer Public Library District:

Julie Williams- 50.66%
Dana Phillips- 49.34%

Valmeyer CUSD 3:

John R. Niebruegge- 34.25%
Bruce Brinkman- 34.56%
Dan McCarthy- 31.19%


Village of Dupo

Dupo CUSD 196:

Linda Stoll- 16.76%
Jaci Durbin-De Clue- 17.31%
Eric Hofstetter- 18.70%
Barb Larson- 14.27%
David J. Ham- 14.10%
Timothy Stanberry- 18.87%

Village President:

Ronnie C. Dell- 100%

Village Clerk:

Mark Nadler- 100%

Village Trustee:

Idus D. Cleveland- 26.31%
Jeannie A. Brown- 23.88%
Richard Bright- 19.38%
Donald W. Dixon, Jr.- 30.43%

Village Trustee of East Carondelet:

James H. Brown- 32.35%
Jacqueline Jackson- 34.56%
Tina Weller- 33.09%


Village of Millstadt

Village Trustee:

Michael D. French- 28.50%
Albert F. Lehr- 26.32%
Mark A. Todd- 27.12%
Melva Way- 18.07%

Village President:

Michael H. Todd- 58.12%
Linda Lehr- 41.88%


Regional Board of Education (Monroe-Randolph)

To serve a full 6-year term:

Kenneth Hartman Jr.- 50.62%
Wilma R. Mehrtens- 49.38%

For an unexpired 2-year term:

Perry R. Riechmann- 100%


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