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‘Yesterday’ a movie for today

Most of us who are fans of Beatles tunes, even a few of them, most likely feel that a movie highlighting their music can’t have anything wrong with it.  In the case of  “Yesterday”, that assumption is true:  this is a well-done movie.

Himish Patel plays Jack Malik, an aspiring musician who has “aspired” for 10 years to make it with his own original music. 

Followed by a fan base of his close friends, including life long best friend and “manager”  Ellie (Lily James), Jack is just about to give up his music when a 12 second global blackout causes him to get hit by a bus and also causes all of humanity to forget certain things ever existed, including the aforementioned iconic music group. 

After finding this out, Jack shares the Fab 4’s music with his friends and later the world. As expected, he becomes an overnight sensation. With a wonderful cast of actors new to American audiences (besides quirky SNL alum Kate McKinnon, who plays the scene-stealing agent, and singer Ed Sheeren, who plays himself very well), this film brings a variety of elements to the screen as well as some twists, turns and some heartwarming surprises that director Danny Boyle (Slumdog Millionaire) is known for.  

Sure, it’s not a perfect movie and there are points in which the story doesn’t know exactly which way to go or why it’s there, but audiences will find it appealing, pleasing and fun. Die-hard Beatles fans will like it if they don’t think too hard about things and appreciate the warmth and breeziness of this romantic comedy.  Great movie. Go see it. My grade: A

“Yesterday” is rated PG-13 and opens Friday in theaters. Running time is 1 hour and 56 minutes.

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