Weather Freak Show | Mark’s Remarks


It wasn’t always this way. I can remember when things didn’t seem to be so crazy when it came to weather. Maybe it was because I was younger.  Maybe I didn’t notice and people were freaking out back then too. Who knows?

I clearly remember wearing snow suits to school with rubber boots, hats and gloves. We played in the snow during recess. No throwing of snowballs was allowed, but we built things and played. Our gloves would be soaking wet, and we’d take them off and put them on top of the heat register in back of the room. We’d change into dry shoes we had put in our lockers.  

It was no big deal.

These days, we wouldn’t dream of playing in the snow at school. I understand, of course, and have to admit I am not sure I’d want a bunch of students squishing into my classroom all wet and salty.  

I also think I understand the need to lay in some supplies when a big snow is expected. I mean, no one wants to be snowed in without some sustenance. You have to have the staples and all the important snow day supplies. I get it.

But you have to admit we have started getting a little premature and a little gun shy when it comes to storms. Never did I think we’d get so crazy when a storm was predicted.  

Be calm, plan accordingly.

Lately though, the forecasting has probably caused us to feel a little irrational. We start hearing about a weather front moving through and within days the forecast has changed.  You end up hearing differing views, differing time schedules. 

“The ice is supposed to hit at 6 p.m.”

Someone shakes their head: 

“No, we aren’t getting anything until overnight.”

Still someone else chimes in:  “The ice is supposed to hit up north.”

I don’t claim to understand how things work, and I certainly respect the powers that be, but I’m wondering how some of our past school officials who had been at the helm of our schools since the late 1940s would react to people today calling off school for cold weather or impending ice storms.

The other night, I was asked if I was going to cancel a program we provide for after school kids. It lasts until 6 p.m., but the latest (of many) weather reports had said the front wouldn’t move through until overnight.  

Weather forecasters are joining the ranks of doctors and everyone else who can’t give a solid opinion anymore. I get it, of course, but when did we get to the point where we weren’t quite sure about anything?  

Imagine being in the weather business these days. You still get paid regardless, even if you are dead wrong. Not a bad gig.

It just hasn’t been so long ago when people knew they had to plan, wear proper clothing, and prepare when it came to weather. No need to freak out or worry, just get ready.

Nowadays, we seem to spend our time worrying about something that may or may not happen, and why would we get that worried anyway when the forecasts change from day to day?

This “freaking out” over weather seems to be a new trend. Am I right?

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