‘Twos Day’ time capsules buried

Father Carl Scherrer joins Immaculate Conception School first graders as they prepare to bury time capsules last Tuesday, Feb. 22, 2022, also known as “Twos Day.” 

Last week held a very special date, affectionately dubbed “Twos Day.” First graders at Immaculate Conception School in Columbia found a unique way to celebrate. 

“Twos Day” refers to last Tuesday, Feb. 22, 2022, which in its numerical form translated to the palindrome 2-22-22. 

That day, ICS first graders filled and buried time capsules to commemorate their early learning experiences. 

These collections of 2022 items will be opened on another special date: March 3, 2033, or 3-3-33. 

“Our two first grade teachers approached me with this about three weeks ago and said this would be fun because when these kids are seniors, it will be 3-3-33,” ICS principal Dave Gregson said. “It’s a neat little beginning and ending for them 11 years from now to kind of see this, so it’s kind of neat for the first grade class.” 

The first graders filled their time capsules at school, with masks, fidget spinners and pictures of their families just some of the most common items placed in storage. 

“They also had to compare what the price of gas was now and a loaf of bread and a gallon of milk, and when they open that up in 11 years they’ll be able to see the difference,” Gregson said. “Then I think they did a tracing of their hand and put that in there, so when they’re seniors in high school, they’ll be able to see how little their hand was when they were in first grade.” 

At the end of the day last Tuesday, the kids ventured to an ICS family’s farm off Hanover Road to bury the capsules, with Father Carl Scherrer offering a prayer prior to the burial. 

Gregson said he hopes when these young students reunite to open the capsules in 11 years that they feel their ICS days set a good foundation for their futures. 

“As seniors in high school, that’s a pretty big year where you have the rest of your life is right in front of you, where you’re going to go to college, what you want to do for a living, so you hope that they’re still making good decisions and hopefully their ICS days made an impact on where they’re at when they’re seniors and where they’re going to go in life,” Gregson said. 

This was not the only activity ICS students engaged in last week to commemorate the special “Twos Day,” and even some kindergartners joined in on the festivities. 

“They dressed up in anything with ‘two,’ so they dressed up in tutus … they made special shirts that said ‘Twos Day.’ The lower grades really got into this and it was really exciting for them to be able to do that. They had a lot of fun,” Gregson said. 

For more pictures of “Twos Day” festivities at the school, visit Immaculate Conception School – Columbia on Facebook.  

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