Things I hope will last | Mark’s Remarks


If you are like me, there are many things you’ve come to like about this pandemic. Am I right? Just sit and think for a bit.

Does it seem to you that there’s more time for stuff?  Does it seem like life has slowed down some? I sure hope that particular feeling sticks around and doesn’t go away when all is back to normal.

Sure, I don’t like wearing a mask but think of some trouble it has saved you. I resemble an unkempt person on days when I don’t have to get dressed and presentable. Shoot, some days my stubbly beard makes me look right mangy. I can slap on a ball cap and that mask and look almost decent.  I don’t want masks to stick around, but I have to say I like the cover-up option from time to time.

I like how we’ve realized we don’t need as many meetings as we’ve had before. Some people already knew this, but let’s face it, some folks are just “meeting happy.” To expedite things, people have learned to cut corners and communicate better. And the job is still getting done.

I think we’ve all learned the importance of interaction, physical touch and just being able to gather. Aren’t you ready to hug a bunch of people?  

If you see me coming after this pandemic is over, steer clear if you don’t want me to touch you.

There have been a heck of a lot of folks who said they’ve read a bunch more than usual. I hope that continues.

How about cooking and exercising? People are taking more time to plan meals and are getting motivated to be healthier.

Did you notice how many people fixed up their yards and houses? They’ve painted and renovated because they have had more time. I hope we continue to have time to make our environment better and comfortable.

Many of us have been forced to learn technology we didn’t know how to operate before this. We’ve collaborated with colleagues and learned the importance of teaching one another.  There are plenty of people from all walks of life who feel a lot more knowledgeable than they did in March.

And shoot, while I’m on the topic of new skills, what about all the other stuff we’ve learned? We have people who have learned to cut their own hair, grow their own food, speak a foreign language, write in cursive, make a bed, change a tire. It’s amazing what a little extra time will do for our skill base.

Are we more aware of health now? I hope that doesn’t go away. We need to be washing our hands and cleaning up more. This is something I think will be around a long time. I hope no one develops any long-lasting phobias. 

Won’t it be terrible if some people are afraid to take off their masks when the time comes?

The thing I think I like best is the spirit of community. Do you know how many folks decided to avoid freaking out and instead pulled up their boot straps and came together?  Parents are banding together to find places for their kids to go while we have this crazy pandemic school schedule. Communities are offering all kinds of ways to help one another. 

We are checking on each other, taking better care of our older folks,.

It’s been good to see people working together and caring about each other, hasn’t it? They’ve accepted that this is life for now.

We just have to make the best of it.

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