Obituary Announcement Form

We display the news of a loved one’s passing in two ways: an obituary or a death notice.

An obituary is our paper’s way of providing an extended memorial of a person’s life. The cost to run a full obituary is  $45, with an added $5 for a photo to appear with the obituary. There is no size limit on full obituaries, and particularly significant phrasing can be used — just note such.

We can also run a death notice, which is a couple sentences stating the name of the decedent, age, date of death, and visitation, funeral and burial arrangements. These are free of charge.

We encourage you to choose the option that works best for your situation and thank you for choosing the Republic-Times.

Please fill out the form below to submit an obituary or death notice. If you are submitting an obituary, please fill out the box that is labeled “desired text if an obituary” to give us a complete write up of what you want your loved one’s obituary to say. The Republic-Times reserves the right to make some changes and edits to correct any errors or add additional information you provide.

Fill out our online form.