Secret Life of Pets 2 | Movie Review


It’s no secret! The sequel to 2016 The Secret Lives of Pets is finally here!

  Director Chris Renaud brings us the continuing story of Terrier Max (Patton Oswalt) who is now experiencing a shift in his life as owner (Ellie Kemper) marries and has a baby named Liam.  Max eventually warms to having this new human to look after, and has some help from trusty friend Duke (Eric Stonestreet). 

On a family trip to visit an uncle in the country, Max and Duke meet all types of interesting farm friends, most notably tough-guy farm dog Rooster (voiced by animation “newcomer” Harrison Ford),  who teaches them to be brave.  While Max is away on his farm holiday, love interest Gidget, a Pomeranian (Jenny Slate) loses the prized toy Max has entrusted her with, and must now rescue it from an apartment full of cats. 

Her feline friend Chloe (Lake Bell) aids her in the rescue, offering some of the cool, collected and harsh indifference that we saw in the last movie.  Snowball the bunny (Kevin Hart) is back as a ferocious action hero, assisting cute little tough gal Daisy (a no-nonsense Shih Tzu voiced by fabulous Tiffany Haddish) as she sets about rescuing a mistreated circus animal.  Dana Carvey shows up as a grumpy old basset named Pops and it’s good to hear from him again.  

All side stories come together in a fantastic finale where the characters work together to make things right in their “secret world”.  The film is fast moving, fun, and hilariously irreverent in spots. The talented actors who provide voices do an outstanding job, and the storyline appeals to the short-attention span of the public while offering a neatly packaged 86 minutes that never stops entertaining.

It’s good for the kids, with mainly bathroom humor and one “bad word” (pissed off).  Adults will like it too.  Go see it on the big screen and know that you’ll watch it several more times when it’s released for home viewing.  A classic.  My grade, A.

The Secret Life of Pets 2 has been rated PG for action and rude humor. The movie opens in theaters on Friday, June 7 and runs 1 hr, 26 minutes.

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