Retreating | Mark’s Remarks


I just read a very detailed article on conspiracy theories surrounding the current events happening in our world – the virus, the protests, the unrest.  All of this is supposed to be a plot, plunging our world into some type of new, global world order.

The article was well-written, convincing and easy to accept as gospel.

On the political side, we see all kinds of things going on with the Democrats and Republicans.  The good guys vs. the bad guys, depending on how you look at it. Each side has convincing arguments, yet anyone can shoot holes in the philosophies of “the other side.”  

There are ridiculous things going on in politics today and at times, I am not sure what I believe anymore.

I’m afraid I have to go with what I know is true.  We are all sinners, including politicians and people who are warring against each other. Much of our problems are due to sin; good old-fashioned sinning ways. It’s been going on for a long, long time. People forget about others and focus on self. We fight to get our way. We hate someone because they are different.  We find people to blame so we don’t have to face ourselves. We fuss. We fight. We fail.

I watch people who appear apathetic about the whole thing. They go about their day, making sure they have their basic needs. They take care of their homes, their cars, their own. They stay at home mostly, getting out when they have to.

I think I relate and completely understand. In fact, there are times I join the apathetic bunch.

What are we supposed to believe? Who is actually telling the full truth and how do we know for sure?  The media has lost credibility, yet there are convincing and sharp folks reporting who seem believable. I hear about Bible prophecy and I am inclined to believe that some of this stuff goes right along with Revelation and end times.

But as I said, I think I also relate to the apathetic. The people who are feeling they have no control.  The people who just go about their daily lives and try to find joy. The folks who have decided that their heads are swimming with details and worries and they’ve just had enough.

Yes, I relate.

I’ve been sitting in my garage during and after yard work, watching birds and bugs. I saw a skink eat a locust the other day, and it was almost like watching television. I walk around my yard and dream of a day when I’ll have all my ideas completed. I make plans to deep clean the cars, paint the guest room finally, and install the new toilet.  

We take board games out onto the deck and play around the citronella candle as the sounds of night drift around us. Plans are made for an ice cream run, and we talk about taking a mini vacation if possible. We have long conversations and there is not rushing off to games, practices and what have you. We haven’t been late for anything in a long time.

We watch no local news – unless we stream the weather for a few minutes on our phone.

I can understand why people stay isolated during times like these; it’s way easier. You don’t have to deal with people, with issues and with problems.  Your own survival is all that is in front of you, and you only have yourself and those immediately around you to take care of.

I’m feeling like that this week. I want to hide out for a while. Just being honest.

I know it’s not the right way to feel all the time, but feeling this way has sure helped me be less judgmental of how others respond.  

We are all dealing with the “not knowing what to believe” thing. Many of us are at different stages of what we are comfortable with.

There are people who are dealing with far worse circumstances than others, and we need to be aware.  Even though we want to isolate and just exist, we still need to be concerned for our fellow man. Maybe there’s something we can do, even if it’s something little.

And even when we want to just be alone, we can certainly pray.

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