New church starting up in Waterloo

Pictured is Pastor Matt Heck with wife Kati and their five daughters. (submitted photo)

LIFECHURCH is excited to launch a new campus in Waterloo this Sunday, March 16.

Services will be led by campus pastor Matt Heck, who brings with him his lovely wife, Kati, and their five beautiful little girls.

This new campus is located in Lou & Michelle’s banquet hall at 405 Front Street in Waterloo.

Complimentary refreshments will be available before service begins at 10 a.m. Children’s church will be available on Sunday mornings for children up to 6 years old.

“No matter where your relationship with God currently is, you will be challenged at LIFECHURCH to seek a deeper and more meaningful spiritual life that will allow His blessings and power to become a very real part of your everyday life. I look forward to the opportunity to meet you,” Pastor Heck said.

The LIFECHURCH team is hosted a meet & greet Wednesday at Lou & Michelle’s from 7 to 9 p.m.

For more information on the new church, visit or call 314-843-5575

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