Luechtefeld not seeking another term

State Senator Dave Luechtefeld (left) looks on as fellow Senator Andy Manar addresses the Illinois Senate Education Funding Advisory Committee last year at Waterloo High School. (Robyn Dexter photo)

Dave Luechtefeld, 74, who has served as state senator of the 58th legislative district that includes Monroe County, has decided against running for another term. The Republican has served the district since September 1995, when he was appointed to replace Ralph Dunn. When his current term expires in January 2017, Luechtefeld will have served 21 years as senator.

Luechtefeld’s home in Okawville was drawn out of the 58th district during legislative redistricting in 2011. The state constitution allows lawmakers removed from their districts to seek one more term in their former district, which he did in 2012.

If he were to seek re-election in 2017, Luechtefeld and his wife would have to move back into the 58th district.

“They drew the lines around my house, so I’ve just decided not to move,” Luechtefeld told the Republic-Times on Thursday.

The only other option would be to run against Republican Sen. Kyle McCarter in the 54th district, where Luechtefeld currently resides. He has decided against doing that as well.

Luechtefeld intends to serve the remainder of his term, as long as his health allows him to do so.

“I will continue to do this if my health is good and the energy is there,” he said. “So far, I’ve been lucky on both counts and I expect that to hold true for this term.”

Read more on this story and the longtime senator’s reflections on the position in next week’s Republic-Times newspaper.

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