Losing control | Mark’s Remarks


As I told you a few weeks back, I always try to find a little humor in everyday life. I do not want you to think I am minimizing the seriousness of anything going on, but I do think it’s good medicine, at times, to sit back and have a laugh.  

As the old saying goes, “we laugh to keep from crying sometimes.” Maybe that’s not an old saying, but I’ve heard it used before in such situations.  

Let me go ahead and out myself right now: I’m a bit of a control freak. I like to do things my way and I’d rather take care of things myself rather than ask for help. I redo things often, and I have a set way of doing things. I like to have things planned and know what’s going to happen.  

I will also tell you that other control freaks drive me crazy. I’m very judgmental when it comes to people like me and I ought to be ashamed. I can spend a lot of time putting down people and having in-depth conversations with my wife, the therapist. I can rake people over the coals who dare to think they know best.  

Yet I should be looking in the mirror. I’m displaying an aggravation for people who are just like me. OK, enough about me.  Now you know.

I find it hilarious what a number this pandemic is pulling on the control freaks of the world. I mean, what other punishment could you instill on a group of people who need to know the plan from start to finish?  

We do not know when we are going back to school. My son’s wedding, even though it will happen on the planned date, may or may not have a large group of people present. Hotel rooms for graduation ceremonies may or may not be needed. Oh, and graduation itself may take place through the mail. 

Any plans that have been made for vacations, reunions, dances, celebrations, performances are plans that may or may not be scrapped.

Heck, we aren’t even sure if we will be able to walk straight into Walmart anymore. And it’s driving many people nuts.

Those of us who want a plan sit around and wring our hands and spend too much time thinking, fretting, speculating and wondering. We worry, worry, worry.  We try to find angles in order to figure things out.

“I wonder when they will decide to call such and such off?”

“I don’t know,” answers everyone else in the world.

“Will we be able to do such and such?”

“Not sure,” they say.

“Do you think we should call off such and such?”

“It’s anyone’s guess,” they say as they roll their eyes.

We can completely wear ourselves out wondering and fretting and trying our best to foretell the future.  

The thing is, we simply have no power at this time. There is no way to plan, to guess, to wonder or even to speculate when or where things will change.  

We might as well give it up.

Still, it’s a little funny to see us all scrambling around trying to make sense out of things and foretell the future. Control freaks are an entertaining and highly irritating group at the same time. If you choose to laugh, and you might as well, you can certainly be amused by the way their thoughts and eyeballs seem to roll around in their heads.

After a few weeks of this stuff, I’ve decided a much better way of dealing with things is to simply take a deep breath and sit back.  Take care of the things that need to be taken care of.  See if you can do a few things for someone else.  Clean out some closets or get some “one of these days” projects completed.  

Call folks on the phone.  

Getting outside and soaking up some nature is a must.

But as far as knowing, planning and speculating; as I said, we have to give those up, I’m afraid. No one knows for sure when things will return to normal, if they actually will. They will most likely return to a new type of normal.

Life as we used to know it is on hold for bit.

For now, we are just going to have to relax and know there is someone in a higher place who is taking care of things. I believe He’s trying to show us something, trying to get our attention.  

And He is for sure reminding us that He is in control.

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