Local food review: Gallagher’s Restaurant

by Natalie Schweiger

As an aspiring food writer, I’ve traveled to many places and reviewed a variety of blog worthy entrees. I’ve expanded my taste on an array of cultured dishes and loved every minute. However, few can compare to my most recent dining experience and the independently owned Gallagher’s Restaurant.  The service here was VIP and the food was phenomenal. Their menu is full of up-scale classic American cuisine, two of which I would like to share with you.

First off is the chef-recommended Grand Marnier Salmon. The fresh fillet is first skinned so that the meat is visible from both sides. This creates great eye appeal, unlike most restaurants that leave one side skin on. It’s then seasoned and grilled to a beautiful deep pink with just a hint of golden crisp around the edge. Before serving, the salmon is coated in a homemade maple glaze, prepared with pure maple syrup, Grand Marnier (a French liquor made of Cognac brandy and essence of orange), Coney spices and a splash of citrus.

Like a diamond to a ring, this original glaze brought the salmon to its full potential, creating a beautiful marriage of flavors. This dish was accompanied by blanched asparagus with sun-dried tomatoes and garnished with capers in shallot butter.

I do realize seafood isn’t every customer’s first choice. Gallagher’s also offers top quality steaks, including juicy tenderloin and flavorful ribeye. These steaks are all made to order to ensure signature freshness. They are seasoned with a chef’s blend, then grilled to desired doneness (rare, medium-rare, well done etc.) and rubbed with Montreal seasonings. But what makes Gallagher’s steaks so irresistibly juicy? The secret is after they are removed from the grill, they are placed in a clarified butter bath, keeping all the seasons and moisture locked in the meat until it’s cut by the guest at their table.

I hope I have accomplished my goal in convincing you of Gallagher’s outstanding cuisine. But don’t just take my word for it. Gather the family and make tonight the night you taste greatness.

Gallagher’s Restaurant

114 W. Mill St., Waterloo, Ill.



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