Local Food Review: Gallagher’s burgers & chops

(Natalie Schweiger photo)

by Natalie Schweiger

To describe this meal as “tasty” would be an understatement. Once again I’m pleased to reveal to you the exceptional dining at Gallagher’s restaurant.

Visiting on a Thursday – dedicated to gourmet burgers – I was looking forward to an American favorite with that special touch only Gallagher’s can give. In the world of texting: “OMG.”

I was not disappointed. My burger of choice goes by a modest title of beef brisket. It’s ground with a combination of shallots and spices, then grilled to a juicy perfection. The flavor of this patty is far from modest. Placed on a sesame seed bun, the burger is topped with Vermont white cheddar cheese, candied applewood-smoked bacon and homemade mayo. I set my pen aside so I had both hands free to savor every delicious bite. When finished, I looked at my clean plate with a twinge of sadness. Yes, this burger was good enough to evoke emotion.

Hungry yet? Because we’re moving on. For the second entrée, we were treated to was an original dish not yet found on the menu.

(Natalie Schweiger photo)

Coined the rib chop, this cut is served bone in similar to the pork chop, only with more of the tender rib meat. It is marinated in a bath of butter, garlic and brown sugar to lock in the moisture. Then it’s grilled (not smoked) to a beautiful dark amber brown. Before it’s complete, the rib chop is coated in a blackberry cider glaze, made in house by the talented cooking staff. This glaze starts by reducing Crown Valley blackberry cider, then garnished with a sprinkle of caramelized shallots. Mmm mmm.

The sweetness provided by the blackberries compliments the juiciness of the rib chop to create a savory texture with an exquisite flavor. I am very much looking forward to my next visit.

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