His face | Mark’s Remarks


As far back as I can remember, I’ve heard people say “help us to seek your face” or something of that nature when they pray to God.  

I think that may be hard for people to understand.  I mean, until I grew up and searched for meaning, I didn’t understand it either.  

Seeking God’s face means much more than it sounds like. Indeed, even the word “face” means more than what you think.  

When we pray that we want to “seek God’s face,” we are really praying that we can come into his presence. We are looking for meaning, for guidance and for the ability to have God’s holy character revealed to us.

When we really look at someone, we can see more than just their outward appearance. Things about their personality and character are revealed to us.  I mean, really, the face is where we start as we pursue the whole person. Do we look for God’s character and personality and try to understand it? Do we pursue his “whole person?”  

Oftentimes, our view of God is based on some human quality. That’s true in my case, anyway.

I’ve been thinking about the verses in the Bible that speak of God’s face and why we should seek it.  There’s quite a bit written, and there’s quite a bit there to ponder and analyze if you want to give it a shot.

Then I’ve been thinking about when Jesus walked the earth.  I’ve been thinking about His face.

I wonder what it was like when Mary and Joseph gazed at Jesus’ face for the first time. How about shepherds and wise men? All of the people who saw him for the first time, and especially those who knew who he was supposed to be; I wonder what it was like.

We watch “The Chosen,” and it’s not a good idea to get me started talking about that show. It is nothing short of magnificent. 

Now, you may say all people who profess to be Christians would naturally like that show. But there’s a lot more to it. I’d recommend the show to anyone, regardless of their beliefs.  The show answers questions and reveals so much.  

Yes, it reveals so much about “seeking His face.”

Speaking of faces, I’m a fan of the guy who plays Jesus.  I’ve always believed Jesus was most likely a brown- or black-skinned Middle Eastern guy; pretty ordinary looking.  

This guy, even though he’s “actor handsome” as one must be to get chosen (ha, ha) for movie roles, has just the right look to play Jesus. Plus, he is one of those actors who acts from the inside out. He can communicate so much by not even uttering a word.

In many scenes, I wonder. I watch the television Jesus interacting with people and his own followers.  I see how he talks to them and also, how he simply looks at them.

What would it have been like to see Jesus’ actual face when we messed up? He would have looked at us with a hurt expression, perhaps. He may have frowned a little. He would have looked at us with love and understanding as well, I’m thinking.

No matter what his face “said” to us, I’m thinking we would always know how much we were loved. 

We hear in the Bible about Jesus hanging out with all sorts of people and raising the eyebrows of even his closest followers.  

In the show, he does the same. He touches people on the face and looks at them. Even if he has a disappointed look or a look of sadness on his face, we can still see that overpowering look of love. For everyone.  No matter who they are.

I have to think it would have been something like that. We are loved, no matter what. But realizing that deep love makes us want to lean on him more and do a better job at life. Just me preaching a little.  

Seeking God’s face is really the core of worship, I’m thinking. In my case, I think I have to constantly remind myself to seek. Because, I often neglect God.  I fail to pursue him and truly being able to “see” him is covered up by my own desires, my human condition, and what I often call my “black heart.”

I get in the mode of griping and complaining, or only worrying about my own personal comfort. Then, I forget to seek.

I pray we all seek and find as we approach this New Year.  

Happy New Year!

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