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For as long as there have been tables to set and dinner bells to ring, people everywhere have been preparing meals from scratch – homemade masterpieces for friends and family alike. Some of these recipes have been passed down through generations, becoming traditional fare at all gatherings.

But what if there was a way to share these recipes with everyone? To move them from Mom’s cookbook to a professional kitchen? Well look no further than J.Fires’ Market Bistro. Owner Jennifer Pensoneau-Kennedy, with the help of Marketing Director Debbie Ruggeri, is giving local cooks the opportunity to have their personal recipes become menu items through the “Family Table Series” summer special, offered the first Thursday of every month.

Anybody can participate simply by submitting the recipe of your choice through J.Fires’ Facebook page. Jennifer will then make her selection and the meal will be featured for one Family Table Series Thursday, owner of the recipe can dine that day for free. This opportunity was created to let all home cooks bring their creativity to the light.

Mama’s Signature Sherry Wine Glazed Chicken, the dish featured June 2, not only received a little local fame, but Andrew Juelfs, who submitted it, got to taste some family history. This recipe came from his grandmother, who unfortunately passed away before he was born, so he never had the dish as she originally made it. His mother, however, ate it many times growing up and said Jen’s recreation of the dish was “more than good, just like Mama used to make.”

Happiness and food go hand in hand, a sentiment Jennifer has been practicing for years. She knows what it’s like to create something wonderful and receive positive feedback from her peers. The Family Table Series makes this possible for anyone — it’s something special to be able to open J.Fires’ menu and see your own creation as the top of the list.

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