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People tend to talk about “end times” when the world appears to be in a “state.”  

It’s been talked about throughout history. I’m sure it was talked about in biblical times, for various reasons. Someone is always there to say “We certainly can’t go on like this.  Something’s gotta give.”  

And so, those of us who believe the Bible start wondering and talking about the end times, spoken about in the Book of Revelation.

Folks these days don’t want to talk about such things. You see, we have become a self-reliant and self-centered bunch. Even those of us who profess Christianity find it terribly hard to depend on God.  

Furthermore, we all find it difficult to not get caught up in worldly things.  Even with the assurance of Heaven, I’ll bet there are plenty of people who want to avoid thinking about the end.

There are lots of things that have happened in our world in the last 25 years that make older folks say “never did I think I’d see the day.” Some of it has been hopeful and encouraging. Still, much of it has seemed discouraging and we often wonder how our society can go on with some of the stuff coming down the pike.  

There are also plenty of claims. People like to speculate and report that they have cracked the code and know when our world will end. Since I was a kid, there have been documentaries, books, “scholars” and lecturers that speak of current and recent events that line up to the prophecies mentioned in the Bible.  

Indeed, election outcomes, terrorist attacks, natural disasters, and many more happenings are taken into account by these people who think they know the day and time.

Rabbi Glazerson, who seems to be a nice, well-meaning man, appears regularly on his Youtube channel, sharing evidence of end times he has found in the Torah. He uses algorithms, research, the Hebrew calendar and other factors in his predictions. 

According to Youtube, Glazerson has over 10,000 followers, and has said that his predictions are backed up by the Book of Leviticus.  

If nothing else, Glazerson’s findings are interesting to listen to. However we are told in the Book of Mark, no one knows the day or hour, not even the Son. Furthermore, we are supposed to avoid those who claim to know.

By the way, Rabbi Glazerson thinks the end is very near and will happen in the year 2021.  

You know, we aren’t supposed to be here even now. The world as we know it was supposed to end in December 2012 according to the ancient Mayan calendar and folks who followed it.

A man named Camping predicted the end for 1994, and still had followers after that year came and went. So, he reported a mistake and moved the date up to May 2011. When that date didn’t line up, he moved it to October of that year.

And 1988, 1910, 1843, 1814, 1806, 1666 and 1524 were all years in which doomsday was supposed to happen.  On and on it goes.  I’m sure we could find a dozen or more additional dates and stories of the end of the world.

We are heading toward a global economy. Technology already controls us to an extent. Driverless cars are on the horizon. There is a mistrust of the media, of a patriarchal mind set, and indeed of most authority figures. Christians are looked at as self-serving folks. We continue to give up more and more of our freedoms for our own comforts and conveniences.  

Here’s what I’m thinking: regardless of when it happens, I think God continues to speak to us.  Natural disasters, wars, attacks, famines, and so on are all predicted in the Book of Revelation, and we, of course, are seeing those things happen. As we already know, natural disasters, wars, attacks, famines and other things have been happening throughout history.

I just heard a pastor discussing end times, and he spoke about these things being part of “birth pains” for end times. It is his belief that the things mentioned above will begin happening more frequently. Even then, we can’t be sure of the day or time.

God constantly reminds us that we are not in control, doesn’t he? We are only able to do so much as human beings, and much of what we come up against is completely beyond our capabilities. 

The Bible tells us to be alert. Instead of fearing those days, we should be ready and obedient.  

Part of being alert and ready is to depend more on our Lord for answers, for guidance, and for peace.   

He’s still in control.

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