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I heard a very respected leader, one who I hold in high regard, use the words “cool it” the other day.  This was amid squawking about how life isn’t fair.

Cool it. I like that phrase.

For some reason, the victors and supporters of the new administration feel that practically every speech, every interview, and every comment has to involve some slam on the former occupants of the White House.  

Why? Is it helping anyone? Are you afraid of something and feel you must do this in order to make yourselves feel better?

We get it. Everyone is tired of the self-centered, big-mouthed, volatile persona and his great need for attention. Even supporters were tired of that and wished things had been more civil and professional.  We didn’t like his character, despite agreeing with some of the things he was doing right.

But now it’s time to get going. If you have a good plan and you know what you are doing, then get on with it. We don’t need to hear about past failings anymore.

Cool it.

And by the way, none of us are totally innocent in all this. Early on, someone started the mud-slinging.  It’s hard to point fingers.  It would be nice to shake hands and go to separate corners, but it seems a little more mud needs to be slung to satisfy a few.

It’s time to stop thinking you need to destroy people if they disagree. When did this actually begin? You disagree, so you get to throw out all integrity and rake people over the coals.  

Cool it, already.

Did anyone ever stop and ask what this type of diatribe is doing to our kiddos? I have heard both sides talk entirely too much in front of their children about things kids don’t need to be hearing.

Again I say, cool it.

The divisiveness that has permeated our country was fueled by both camps.  It just was. I ask my students to cite examples all the time, and if I had room, I could cite many in this case.

As I said, examples from both sides of the aisle.

I am also sick and tired of hearing that people who hold conspiracy theories or people who supported the swamp drainer are nothing but simple-minded, backwoods hicks who are uneducated.  Most of the time, people like to lump christians in there too.  A bunch of buck-toothed, bubble-brained psychos.  

Not fair. Not a bit.  Our country was started on christian principles and there were plenty of our founding fathers who disagreed with one another.  Even good friends were on opposite sides of the aisle.

Compromises were made. Professional behavior prevailed. Sure, there were plenty of sweaty meetings with guys taking their wigs off. There was shouting in committee meetings. There were times when people almost or did come to fisticuffs and scuffling around. 

So maybe I use the word “professional” loosely.

I know it’s way too much to ask, but I will ask it anyway: would it be possible to hear about the accomplishments people made in the past? Our opinion aside, can we be bigger people and acknowledge what was done right?  

There had to be something.

For the rest of you, I say this: We know you are intelligent people who can figure things out. We know you can solve problems. Stop running everyone down and start solving those problems.

This past administration was part of history. You are going to have to make decisions on what you will do with that. We can’t erase history. If we could, we certainly would have long ago. You can leave certain people out of inauguration clips and pretend that the First Lady never existed, but someday there will need to be some sort of historical acknowledgement.

One more thing, media folk. Do the right thing.  Long ago, you just reported the news and let the rest of us make our own minds up. It worked. You don’t have to lean on one side or the other. Just give us the facts.

New folks, you have my prayers and you have my respect. I don’t agree with you on everything, nor did I agree with everything during the past four years.  I don’t like some of the things I hear about you, but I’m sure your job is far more involved than I know, so I can’t be too judgemental.  

So yep, that’s all I have to say. He’s gone now.  Focus on the future and get to work.

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