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Sometimes I make little notes on possible column topics. Then, when I go to write them there’s not enough meat to make it into a column.

Even with my talent for rambling and beating a topic to death, I can’t seem to come up with enough to write about.

I am a bit amused with all of my notes, which have no rhyme or reason. Just little tidbits  of things I have entered into my little notebook section of my phone.

Some notes have been about things I’ve seen on the news. I’ve had more time to watch TV since March and numerous entries are about entertainment. I’ve been in close proximity to my family and have had time to examine the personalities of many people. I’ve marveled at some of the things I’ve learned to cook, took notes on DIY hacks in my household and even uncovered a few mysteries.

All are unconnected and random. Here are just a few topics I took notes on.

OK, so why are vampires sexy all of a sudden?  I watched two movies with busty, lusty looking vampire ladies ready to sink their teeth into unsuspecting victims. Then, their male counterparts were all bloody and shirtless.

I never saw Bela Lugosi shirtless, but I’ll bet he didn’t have abs like those guys. Plus, the ladies he ravaged were fully clothed and some even wore hats.  I never saw any of their cleavage nor did they have on short shorts.

I’m tired of all the whining. No matter what we do, people are going to complain. People won’t really be happy until we go back to school five days a week and everything is back to normal. I sympathize.

But guess what, folks?  It ain’t gonna be normal for a while. We have to live with it. I’m sorry for your hardship, which folks from a century ago would laugh at you about. Quit being selfish and whiney about your problems and just adapt. We are all in it for a while. We will live through it, you poor little things.

I realize little communities tend to be clannish and territorial. I realize it isn’t always easy to be kind and courteous. But I wonder why some people just simply don’t smile, wave, or even nod their heads? I come from a place where you wave even if you don’t know someone. Everyone tips their hat or nods their head or something. I’ve honestly walked down the street and said hello, only to have people around here pass on by without saying a word. I just don’t understand the unfriendliness of some folks.

Do you think Archie Bunker would make it on TV today? I think he’d be canceled within a few episodes.

You  know you’ve got a bit of a belly when you’re at the pool or in the sun for a while and there’s a little white line under the paunch of your stomach when you come home. I guess it’s a measuring tool for how much weight needs to come off.

Some of the meanest people profess to be good Christian folks, and I’m thinking more people would go to church if we all worked on being better examples.

I still think some folks at the local DMV need some help with their demeanor.  A huge majority of people I’ve spoken with hate going there because the atmosphere is not friendly and some employees are downright rude. I wonder if we should call the Secretary of State and tell him? I’m sorry, but it’s a thing. Ask just about anyone around here.

My heart and the hearts of many in my town are happy about our new-and-improved ice cream place.  Friendly, hard working kids supervised by capable and engaged adults. Long lines that move fast, good service, good products. Our town is tickled to pieces and hope the place stays with it.

Being a Christian and giving your life to Jesus does not mean you are now given a list of do’s and don’ts. You make a decision to follow Jesus and the Holy Spirit begins a work inside you that cannot be described. We need to quit making people think that it’s all about what you can’t do anymore. There’s way more to it.

Why do people assume they can text you or email you that they won’t be showing up a few minutes before an appointment?  It’s as if they think you are sitting there waiting to check your phone or computer.  Why do people assume you aren’t doing something before they show up?

Spreading icing on graham crackers and putting them in the fridge for a while will give you more benefits than just eating them right away. Softer graham crackers are better with icing than the ones fresh out of the package.

What real purpose do mosquitoes have? Can someone research it for me and tell me? And why do they always go for my ankles?

There are still hard working people out there who care about others and want to do good. There are people who don’t think of themselves all the time.

Why do some people think stopping communication is more effective than just talking something out?  Is it fear? Is it pride?

When did athletic socks stop being white?

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