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It often takes some sort of a calamity for people to rely on God. Indeed, many people can go for long periods of time without giving Him a single thought. Yet, when tragedy or hardship occurs, we find ourselves searching and calling out in desperation.

This can happen especially with our children.  Even the most hard-nosed skeptics will succumb to a belief in a higher power, searching frantically for someone to help their child. I’ve heard folks who profess to be atheists who end up praying to someone or something to save their child. It just goes to show you, we all have an innate need to believe and seek a higher power.

For some, the search for truth can be  the prospect of dying. We are faced with what is imminent in all our lives. People ask themselves this question:  If I were to die in a few minutes, where would I end up? It is  perhaps a moment of terror, peace or incredible uncertainty considering the beliefs the person holds.  

Whatever it is, people start wondering and often frantically searching when they are faced with death.

I’ve been asked before why I believe. I’ve believed for a very long time.  I have many reasons for believing and I know it’s a strong conviction. Am I a good example of a Christian? I don’t think so. I can be as vile and nasty as some old smelly rag in a garage. But I know what I believe.  

There are plenty of people I’ve known who treat God as if He is a person far away; less than an acquaintance. Others simply hope for the best and decide to just be a good person (a dangerous attitude in my opinion). Some simply refuse to believe in God and remain either closed off or dangerously skeptical during their lives.

So, is it possible for a skeptic or even a diehard atheist to become a believer in Christ? I think nothing is impossible with God, and I believe there are several things people can do to go from non-believer to believer.  

C.S. Lewis was an unbeliever for quite some time.  Being a logical person and one who was willing to research and be open-minded, he eventually found that Christianity made total sense. He became a born-again believer. I mean, here’s a guy who is one of the greats; a sharp cookie. He researched while seeking. He found. He believed.

People who are willing to search and actually look into Christianity are often surprised to find it does make sense. The Bible, which I believe is God-breathed (every word coming from God himself) is read by skeptics and they end up believing. Many go on to read books by Christian authors and also do some historical research on the gospels.

I don’t think anyone could read the Bible with an open mind and heart and not be made a believer.

Then there are those who “experiment” with prayer and their new-found information. They see evidence of answer to prayer.  They see things they can’t deny. They experience the healing power of God or see a change in someone’s life. It can’t be denied.

Philosophers are people who accept truth and are open and willing to accept all arguments. It’s my contention that people who are searching and are open to  exploring who God is and what truth is will ultimately be led to the God of the Bible. 

If you’re a skeptic of Christianity, talk to a true philosopher.

I am always glad to know people who are scholars of Christianity.  This means they are educated in the Bible and able to meet nay-sayers head-on with knowledge and facts. I think it’s often a misconception that Christian folks aren’t educated or lack scientific knowledge. You see, science is often the basis for unbelief.  Indeed, Christians aren’t people who believe in pipe dreams and fantasy worlds.  

If you struggle with belief in any way, I urge you to talk to a reasonable and educated believer who can argue well with you.  

Well-known scientists have come to accept Christianity the longer they study science. It’s true. Eventually, their knowledge of the complexities of our universe, the intricate design of pretty much everything, leads them to decide that only a higher power could have orchestrated such a world.

They begin to see that miracles are real.

We need only to look around us to see the existence of God. I think babies alone would be enough evidence for me. But heck, take a look at ants building an ant hill. Watch clouds float by or a thunderstorm form. Watch how a landscape is ravaged by fire, yet soon is pockmarked by plants and signs of life.  

How could we deny the existence of God?

And yes, I have one more thing to talk about:  proof of the Resurrection.  I do not have the space nor time to go into it in great detail, but I urge you to do some research on the evidence Jesus rose from the dead. I guarantee that your mind will be blown away.  And if you believe in the Resurrection, why would you not believe the rest of the story?

So, what if you were faced with just a short time to live? Where are you going to be a moment after you die? You must ask yourself this question right now.  

If you aren’t sure, I would encourage you to do some searching. Look into the whole thing with an open mind and heart. Pursue truth. Seek.

And if you think I’m preaching to you, you are correct.

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