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Sometimes I see something good on Facebook and I share it, only to have people spouting off immediately. Well, I suppose it’s their right. After all, I shared the post in the first place. 

But heck, I just like sharing and my views are not a platform for a bunch of fussing. Isn’t it possible to just share?

Even now, as I prepare to share my views on a few things, I’m careful about the words I use and the opinion I put across. I could possibly say something that ruffles feathers here and I have received testy letters from people before.

I used to love Oprah Winfrey, and I think she is an awesome humanitarian. But I disagree with her views on who God and Jesus are, and I resent the fact she’s chastised people and jeered at them on her talk show for sharing their own views about God and Jesus. I also think she is full of herself. 

I don’t dislike her. I just choose not to follow her and she makes me roll my eyes. I don’t need to attend one of “Oprah’s Master Classes” to see how to live my “best life.” I don’t need to hear from a billionaire on how to be a good person. That is my opinion.

I shared my views on her once on Facebook and had a few people come back with some opinions. These are people I respect and like very much. They shared their views, I shared mine. That was it. We still like each other. I still don’t care much for Oprah’s views. They support her. So what?

I think the #metoo movement has been a long time coming and I think it’s necessary and good. I think men have gotten by with way too much, and the time has come to stop treating women the way they’ve been treated.

I’m also elated to see some of these powerful people getting in trouble, showing the rest of us that no one is exempt. It’s showing us that people mean business. 

As I said, it’s been a long time coming and it’s a relief.

However, as usual, when any such movement comes to the forefront, you have people who misuse it and exploit it, and I don’t like that at all. I saw the confession of Prairie Home Companion’s Garrison Keillor in which he explained what actually happened when he went to pat a lady on the back, and I believe what he says. 

I can picture how it happened. He immediately apologized to the lady and thought all was well. I think it’s a shame that a career is completely over because a man, not known to have a history of any type of inappropriate behavior, loses a career over one incident when it was most likely totally innocent.

And I could be totally wrong about all of it.

If we look back at our own lives, we can see accidents and wonder “What the heck?” How many times have men or women accidentally and innocently touched or bumped into a breast or rear end, said or written something accidently, or even said something in fun to a group of people they thought they knew? 

Flirting is something that can lead to danger, and eventually there won’t even be flirting. Maybe that’s a good thing, actually.

I was always a huge fan of the “Roseanne” show. Although, like many people, I found it a little crass at times and I didn’t always agree with her views or antics. I thought the show was witty and well-written.

When the show came back, I thought it was going to be interesting. I was glad it was coming back. There were so many fans who were glad the show was coming back. They just wanted to be entertained.

I remember thinking Roseanne was most likely on Hollywood’s outsider list when she publicly said she was a Trump supporter. I still think that regardless of her actions, many were out to get her when they found out she supported Trump.

However, I don’t support what she did with that tweet of hers. I do believe she didn’t realize Ms. Jarrett was an African-American, but that makes no difference. 

Even many years ago, people would have thought that calling someone a monkey and insulting a religion was the wrong thing to do. Her tweet was inexcusable and I wonder why we’ve come to a point where we think we can say offensive things right and left. 

I do understand why swift and severe action is being taken in these cases. I’m still very sad her show was not allowed to go on as planned, because it would have been fun. But I understand. I do wish there had been a press conference in which she was allowed to publicly apologize. Then maybe they could have barred her from several episodes or something. Punished her and then put her on some type of behavior mod program. And let her go on with the show.

Our president is not a man who minces words, and I find him utterly offensive and rude much of the time. But I can’t deny the fact he’s already done a lot for our country, and in many cases is getting the job done where it needs to be done. 

In this case, I’m separating the work from the type of man he seems to be (and I shouldn’t have to do this). I’m not going to go around spewing hate about the “other side” and I’m not going to constantly badmouth those who oppose him or send tweets. 

I oppose him too, in many ways. 

What happened to freedom of speech? But by the same token, what happened to watching what we say, being kind, polite and decent to one another? What happened to apologies and forgiveness? What happened to proper punishment and the time fitting the crime? What happened to diversity and being good to one another regardless of our beliefs? 

What happened to throwing all our differences aside and praying for one another?

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