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Waterloo School Board OKs budget

By on September 19, 2018 at 9:47 am

The Waterloo Community Unit District 5 Board of Education unanimously approved the district’s 2018-19 budget at Monday’s board meeting.

“This is our best guess of forecasting revenues for this year,” Waterloo Superintendent Brian Charron stressed during the public hearing on the budget, during which no citizens spoke. 

The budget predicts the district will have $28,951,450 in revenue and $28,750,380 in expenditures this school year. That means that, overall, the district will have a budget surplus of more than $200,000. 

“We put our budget together from a conservative perspective where we try to plan on the revenue that we think that we can count on and the expenditures that we think we might incur,” Charron said. “There will be things that come up from time to time that have an impact on this, but we try to present a budget that’s more of a worst case scenario.”

Charron said the budget was challenging to assemble this year because the district still has not received word from the county on what to expect in property tax revenue because the property assessments are late. 

The Waterloo school district receives 76 percent of its budget from property taxes. That totals almost $22 million…>>> 

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James Moss