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I know most of you remember watching “The Jetsons” when you were a kid. Or maybe when your kids were kids, or whatever. The stuff on that show seemed centuries away, didn’t it?

The show was set in 2062, 100 years after it was actually created by Hanna-Barbera.  Those boys were visionaries, I tell you.

Don’t look now, but the year 2062 is less than 50 years away. Holy smoke!

I mean, I’ll be 95 years old.  Ever think about that? With all the hubbub I created (or so I’m told) regarding last week’s column (most people said they agreed with me, by the way), maybe I won’t live that long.

But I digress.  I started thinking about “The Jetsons” the other day after grandma bought an iPad for the family. It’s a great thing, and we are very grateful to grandma for buying it for us.

Remember when George would call Jane from work and he could actually see her face and she could see his? Grandma “Facetimes” us and we “Facetime” her. We can see her in her living room, and she can see us in ours.

The Jetsons also read their newspaper on the “televiewer.”  Those of us who work around newspapers worry about their demise. I, for one, think a lot of folks will be wanting that hard copy for a long time. The paper, the ink.

From my research and my memory of the show, they probably had no idea about email or texting at that time. Heck, who’d a thought it?

They also had that little robot vacuum that would fly out of the wall and sweep up a mess. I’m sure many of you have seen the new vacuums that cruise around and suck up all the dirt and dust bunnies.

I question how thorough those things would be, but heck, why not try one? Currently, the closest thing we have is a yorkshire named Toby who only cleans up food messes.

Tanning beds were also featured on the show and we’ve had those suckers around for a long time now. I remember Mr. Spacely or somebody calling George for the video chat while he was lounging in his tanning bed.

George woke up to a talking alarm clock. We have so many voice-activated things it’s incredible. I just found out today that I could tell my new cell phone to “Call Michelle” and it would do it.

Don’t make fun of me. I’m always a little behind the times and marvel at “doo hickeys” many folks have had for some time now — one of the many ways I’m a little quirky.

Although we all have automatic coffee makers, toasters, ice dispensers, and so on, I’m still waiting on the all-in-one meal maker Jane used to type on. She’d push a few buttons and out would pop a pot roast and the fixins for George, Judy, and Elroy.

You might think I would still covet a flying car or one of those nifty elevators that shoots you up a few floors in a matter of seconds. But no. What I would really like to have is a Rosie. You remember. Rosie was the housekeeper.  She was, according to the family, a little antiquated at the time. She wasn’t as “modern” as many of the housekeeping robots in 2062.

But Rosie had charm. Rosie had a heart. It’s my opinion that she was modeled after Shirley Booth’s “Hazel,” but I could be wrong.

Rosie was still amazing.  She’d grab that tablecloth and scoop up the dishes. Everything would be spic and span in a matter of seconds. For this self-professed neatness nut, it would be great thing.

I’m sure my overworked wife would like a Rosie of her own, too — especially when there are about four things to do at once.

The prehistoric counterpart of “The Jetsons” was, of course, “The Flintstones.” That’s a whole other story.

But I still wouldn’t mind having a few things from that show, too. Especially that wooly mammoth that washed cars.

I mean, just for the novelty of it all. I suppose it wouldn’t be too economical to feed such a household appliance, would it?

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