Tough young girls keep fighting

Elsa Wiemerslage
Lydia Boyer
Audrey Stanley

Three Waterloo girls – Lydia Boyer, Elsa Wiemerslage and Audrey Stanley – have spent the last few years battling various ailments. 

That fight continues for all three of the girls, with two of them facing an uncertain future and one seemingly in the clear. 

Lydia Boyer
Lydia was first diagnosed with medulloblastoma, one of the most aggressive types of cancerous tumors, in June 2016.

She underwent surgery, radiation and intensive chemotherapy treatment, and it seemed to work. 

But in February 2017, the Boyer family learned Lydia’s cancer had returned. Doctors told them it was now incurable. 

Almost two years later, however, something unexpected is happening. 

“It’s not getting worse,” Josh Boyer, Lydia’s father, said. “It’s getting better. We’re still not sure what to make of that, but we’ll take it…>>>

Read more about Lydia, and about Elsa Wiemerslage and Audrey Stanley in the full story in the January 9, 2019, newspaper.

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