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Have you noticed lately that the greatest sin in the world has become disagreeing with someone?  It’s been a gradual shift in the mentality of people for quite some time. People are starting to fear expressing their opinion. Bull hockey.

When did a difference of opinion become hate? We now live in this politically correct, jacked-up world where you can’t share your opinion if it’s in sharp contrast to people. You have to skirt issues that advertise your beliefs, especially if they are hot-button issues like identity, religion and abortion. Again, bull hockey.

One of our best friends is someone I don’t discuss certain things with. This friend is a dear friend; one Michelle and I consider as important as a family member. But we just don’t discuss politics, religion, or any of the other hot-button topics. When we do, we joke about our differences.  Still, you won’t find many friends who are more dear, more loved and more respected than this. These days, our list of near and dear friends is small. 

As I grow older, my “circle” is shrinking. 

Tolerance is a word that gets thrown around a lot these days, but I’d venture to say most folks don’t know the true definition.  Tolerance means you respect someone else’s viewpoint, even if you disagree.  Tolerance means you honor the person you disagree with. Tolerance means it’s possible to love someone in spite of the fact that your viewpoints clash. 

Our world has changed drastically. People are saying that all truths are the same. All truths are equal.  What you believe and what I believe are the same thing.   Your god is the same as my god. Tolerance doesn’t mean that we just accept everything.

If I dare suggest that there is only one way, one truth and one viewpoint, I have become a hateful, intolerant person. It is not possible, in the eyes of many, for me to genuinely love someone I disagree with. 

The Bible, which I believe is the whole truth and not a smorgasbord one can pick and choose from, says a lot against certain lifestyles, ideals and ways of doing things. But I have dear people in my life who have different lifestyles, ideals and ways of doing things. I don’t believe in some of the ways they go about their lives, but that’s not my business. These are people I love, respect and honor. 

I’m not trying to be holier than thou. “Oh look, isn’t it nice that Tullis still loves all the heathens!” 

No. That’s not what I mean. I just feel that this world has gotten way out of kilter when it comes to tolerance, love and hate.

And if you disagree, I still respect you.

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