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Sore loser bowl | Planet Ryan

By on February 17, 2016 at 8:05 am

Admittedly, I’m a Denver Broncos fan. It’s not the only team I cheer for, but you can bet I was sporting my orange and blue Broncos sweatshirt during their appearance at Super Bowl 50 on Sunday.

The game itself wasn’t quite as exciting as many hoped it would be. A quick check of various social media feeds validated that theory, with some even labeling it “Sleeper Bowl 50.” Nevertheless, it was still a solid victory for the team the haters refer to as the “Denver Donkeys.”

Having said that – mostly in the name of transparency – I’d also like to assure you I was more than excited to see the up-and-coming football star of the east, Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton, lead his team down the field and give Denver a run for their money.

Newton had accomplished the impossible this season, even garnering the coveted MVP title. Because of his positive, upbeat attitude and tremendous level of play, he was able to rally millions of fans far beyond the borders of North Carolina.

And in two sophomoric decisions to be a poor sport — as far as I’m concerned — he ruined whatever reputation he created for himself as a professional sportsman.

If you missed it, the first instance came near the end of the game, when Newton was visibly frustrated at what was taking place on the field. He threw himself down on the ground like a scolded 6-year-old. It was quite embarrassing, but that wasn’t his worst play of the night.

At the post-game press conference where — win or lose — leaders of the team are expected to show dignity and class by answering gently-worded questions about the game, Newton apparently didn’t like what he heard.

He walked into the room with a hood pulled over his head and gave pouty, three-word answers to sports journalists who were asking typical post-game questions.

And then he stormed out, leaving everyone in the room completely stunned.

They were stunned for good reason – this is Cam Newton we’re talking about. Sure, he’s semi-cocky, but in a good way. He certainly backed up any good-natured trash talk throughout the season with his impressive stats and wins, but all that was gone in a New York second when he took his proverbial ball and went home.

Newton is especially popular among today’s youth and up to that very moment in time, set a fine example for his legion of young followers.

Now, thanks to his unprecedented crybaby antics, young athletes – if not properly guided – will think it’s perfectly acceptable to moan, pout and stomp off if they have a bad game.

Some might say to give the guy a break – but I couldn’t disagree more. He’s the leader — the commander of a championship team. This was not acceptable.

Sure, he lost and that stings, but it’s no reason to make a fool of yourself in front of 115 million people and then give a metaphorical middle finger to the very people who’ll write about your grace and dignity the next day.

Newton was definitely on my radar for the future, since it was likely Peyton “The Sheriff” Manning’s last game and I’ll soon be in need of a quarterback to rally behind.

But not anymore. As far as I’m concerned, he’s just another flash in the sore loser pan.

Ryan Ledendecker

Ryan is a biweekly columnist for the Republic-Times newspaper. When he's not working, he enjoys a good movie, bass fishing, and CrossFit.