Reoccurring Dreams | Mark’s Remarks


I continue to have this dream about two neighbors I once had.  They were very special, like a third set of grandparents to my brother and me. They both died within a few months of one another, and I was so young that I didn’t go to the funerals. Therefore, I never really accepted their deaths, I guess. 

There was no closure for me.  It was my own decision not to attend the funerals, although I think we were out of town when one of them occurred and couldn’t make it back in time. 

I often dream that I am living in my childhood home again, and those particular neighbors have quietly moved back in next door. I find out they are there again and am anxious to get over and see them. In the dream, they are nonchalant and a bit aloof, behaviors they wouldn’t display in real life.  But in the dream, it seems to be no big deal that they are back in the neighborhood and it’s no big deal that I’ve come to visit them.  

In real life, they would welcome me with open arms. But in the dream, they seem uninterested. I’ve always wondered if that dream happens because I never accepted their deaths.  Even after almost 40 years, I still miss them very much and would love to see them again. I always hope I can visit them in my dream and have them happy to see me.  More like they were in real life.

I’ve also had this dream where there are unfinished rooms in my house. In a recent dream, Michelle and I discovered an extra unfinished basement in our house with a large amount of space. We were very happy and set about cleaning it up and organizing things. 

I have no idea why I dream such things, but often I will dream that there is another story on my house or an extra amount of space discovered in my house. It’s always a good feeling, but there is always a good amount of work to be done in the dream. 

So, I’m wondering if this dream is connected in some way to a busy schedule or an increasing workload.

I think I’ve written before about my piano dream. I’ve always wanted to be able to play the piano, and in this dream, I sit down and play just about anything I want. It’s like my hands know exactly what to do and it’s an incredibly fun dream.  I always feel pretty joyful when I dream this dream. 

Coupled with that dream is my all-time favorite “pull up” dream in which I go to the pull up bar and effortlessly do as many chin-ups as I want. And I just keep going. I never was able to do one, or much of one, my entire life. So this dream is also lots of fun. 

My friend Karen has the craziest dreams. When we are all together, she shares them with us and we usually end up laughing our heads off. She dreams that people we know are in weird or outlandish situations, and after she’s done, the dreams have a semblance of order and even make a little sense. They are also, as I said, hilarious.

Her dreams always have a beginning, middle and end.  They often end abruptly with a humorous ending. Her dreams should somehow be put on television. 

They would make a heck of a weird little show or even a cartoon, but our group of friends would sure enjoy watching them.

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